Java Unicode

Java(tm) programs display characters from the Unicode character set. Java 1.0 supports Unicode version 1.1. Java 1.1 onwards supports Unicode version 2.0. The situation is confused further as the Unicode character set is so large that few, if any, browsers can support the full character set.

This page shows you the Unicode characters that are available in your Java environment.

First, you need to know, which version of Java you are using. This is shown below:

The applet cannot run as your system does not support Java.

The Unicode characters are shown below. Each Unicode character is defined by 16 bits. As all the characters cannot fit on one page, they are grouped into 256 character tables. Click on the bottom half of the table to see higher values of the character set. Click on the top half to see lower values.

The applet cannot run as your system does not support Java.

The full character set can be seen at:

I'm often asked how to add fonts to the Java implementations of the popular browsers. I'm afraid that I don't know the answers. I have managed to find some information at Cal. Tech, Sun and Netscape. If you have some information then please let me know and I will add the details or links here.

The applet is used by those developing Java software as well as students and researches at Cornell University, The Human Communication Research Centre and The University of North Carolina.

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